House Of is dedicated to putting clients front and center, seamlessly enhancing brand presence; priming emerging designers to become global brands and guiding established brands to maintain relevance among industry tastemakers.  House Of employs a holistic, comprehensive and analytical approach with big-picture strategy to leverage each facet of paid, owned and earned content.

Our singular approach to PR injects a millennial mindfulness into the results- driven conventions of media outreach. With a finger on the pulse, we are able to find the relevant stories within brands and communicate them through genuine conversation, online and off.  We combine our throwback PR skill set with the today’s toolkit to create that perfect mix of old school manners and new age technology.

Websites are the new storefront.  Homepages are the new window dressing. CRM is the new clienteling.  House of helps brands navigate through the digital space, with respect to the user experience, content creation, subscriber databases, and campaign deployment.  With a vetted network of SEO specialists and programmers, House Of can take your virtual business to the next level.

The art of social conversation when promoting brands requires a light-handed and light-hearted approach.

As the landscape of conversation has evolved with the internet era, House has kept up the pace; we have fully integrated our digital and traditional media strategies to identify and target key players in digital and traditional media to activate conversations online and off.

From developing guidelines for emerging designers to redefining identity profiles for evolving brands, House Of is able to produce core materials with the visuals and vocabulary to inform design, sales and marketing teams.

Drawing from knowledge of art and fashion history coupled with a zeitgeist sixth sense,  House Of produces campaigns on a project-basis, overseeing every phase of the process from concept to execution.  Collaborating with top talent- photographers, stylists, set designers, models, art directors and retouchers, House Of takes a hands-on approach to the meticulous details and the end product.

Whether an all-night dance party, a seated dinner or a press excursion, House Of will oversee the brand experience from its conception.  Working closely with the brand to identify goals and budget, we can then recommend a course of action to achieve objectives.

We have organic relationships with an incredibly diverse network of bold-face names across music, art, fashion, lifestyle, and design. Our relationships run strong with personal connections. At House Of, we pride ourselves on having our ears to the ground and knowing who, and what, is on the horizon. It is with this view that we approach individuals across the zeitgeist spectrum. From screen stars to recording artists to filmmakers, we have our network in place to deliver a unique mix of placements that will bring our client’s brand positioning to life.   With the rise of digital media and the monetization of brand placements, we have managed to establish and maintain genuine long-lasting relationships supporting the current and upcoming leaders of the online fashion community. Bloggers, editors, models and street style stars comprise fashion’s influential it girls with whom we have been championing since day one.